Friday, July 18, 2014

Fridays with Ella: Loving our Pets


A lot of you know that I love animals.

At our old house, we fed every stray cat that came our way. We do that at our new house, too.

We have a pet cat, Sparrow. She's mainly my Mom's cat, but I think she tolerates me and Dad. Lately, she's been sleeping in my room. I set up a bed for her there, lined with some old blankets and a throw my Mom found in a back closet.
Sometimes, Mom and I go to the Humane Society to feed and play with the cats and dogs there. We're actually going tomorrow to bring lunch to the kittens and then to have lunch together.
God created animals, just like He created us. He put us all on this earth to take care of one another, and that includes animals.
If everyone could go to this link and maybe donate, this would help Roxie's owners a lot. Roxie's owner is a friend of my Mom's and her daughter is my pen pal. So, if you could donate anything, even a dollar to help Roxie that would be amazing. With prayers, she is doing really well right now!!!
What Ella wore
Headband: $2, Family Dollar
Striped top: gift, Total Kid brand
Leggings: gift, Justice brand
Rain boots: gift, Zulily
Raincoat: gift, Zulily
Crystal Necklace: borrowed (from me), $2, Rose's/Maxway

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