Friday, July 4, 2014

Fridays with Ella: Helping people in my town


I decided to type in pink, to make my blogs different from my Mom's.

Yesterday, Mom and I went to unload a truck at the Manna food bank in our town. Mom usually helps there a few times a month, and sometimes I go with her.

Our food bank helps out the people in our town. I had no idea so many people were going without food. Whole families with little kids, smaller than me.

The food bank doesn't just give out food. They also give out things like toothpaste and soap, and even laundry detergent.

Another wonderful thing about our food bank is that all the workers there know each other and treat each other like family. Whenever I come with my Mom to help, Mr. John is always there to greet me. We all do a lot of work, but then we laugh together and have lots of fun!

What Ella wore:
Polo shirt: Thrifted, "Self-Esteem" brand
Plaid skort (skirt with shorts under it): Gift from a friend, "Faded Glory" brand
Jeweled flip-flops: Rose's/Maxway: "Sarah's Closet" brand

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