Friday, July 25, 2014

Fridays with Ella: Helping Grieving People


Mom asked me today if I knew what grieving means.

I think when you grieve over something or someone, it means you are sad. Some people grieve lost loved ones, and some people grieve when friends or family members move away.

My Mom still grieves for my sister.

Just the other day we found out that our friend's son had died. He wasn't old at all, he was younger than my Dad. And now his Mom, our friend, is grieving.

So, what do you do when someone is grieving?

When our friend Ms. Lora died two years ago, a lot of people made food for her family to eat after the funeral. I remember that Mom and I made macaroni and cheese from scratch and we baked peanut butter cookies.

Sometimes, people don't have a funeral you can go to. This man didn't, so we couldn't cook food for the funeral. But we did write sympathy cards for his parents, so they know that people are thinking of them.

That's the best thing we can do for grieving people, I think. Grieve with them and remember who they are remembering.


What Ella wore:
Shirt: Disney
Skirt: Homemade (from my old top)
Shoes: Sketchers

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