Friday, July 11, 2014

Tidbits from this week

A promise kept: I promised myself that I would take more pictures of Gabe and me, since that's virtually stopped since we had children. So far, I've done well to keep the pic-a-week tradition going.

...this leads me to the next thing....

Yikes!: I just realized that in virtually every pic of me and Gabe, I have my hair up. Why, you ask? Because it's way too long and is driving me crazy. I really should look better in these pictures. That's my next promise to myself.!

Making Grandma Aniela Proud: This week, I mastered my Grandma's mushroom soup recipe. It was dee-licious, as Ella says.

It's....Bat-owl?: Putting my (extremely limited due to a lack of a sewing machine) sewing skills to use, I made Ella a pair of bat wings. She says they are way cooler than fairy wings, and hey, they only cost me 15 cents to make.

Gabe's New Fave: Gabe has been missing Chicago-style pizza puffs, and truthfully, I have too. Except the deep-frying. I don't miss the deep frying. So, this week, I made pizza puffs and baked them. They were amazing. Success!!!!!

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