Friday, July 11, 2014

Fridays With Ella: Respecting the Elderly


On Monday, Mom and I went to see Ms. Phyllis from our church. She lives in the same apartment building as Ms. Lora, and first I wasn't too sure about going to see her because even going to that building makes me sad.

And then Mom and I had a talk about what it means to love and respect the elderly. Mom said that sometimes, people forget about the elderly and don't go see them. She said that after these people are done caring for their babies, and their babies grow up, they don't take care of their parents. Ms. Phyllis had seven children, and even though some of them come and see her, she is still lonely sometimes.

We didn't want to go empty-handed because when we used to go see Ms. Lora we always brought something. Sometimes it was a flower. Sometimes it was a plate of food. We bought Ms. Phyllis a card and some flowers.


We stayed and talked with Ms. Phyllis for a while. Well, mostly she and Mom talked and I listened. I found out that even though her husband died when they were young, Ms. Phyllis never got married again because that's how much she loved her husband.

My Mom also promised to come by and cut Ms. Phyllis's hair for her because right now, Ms. Phyllis doesn't have a car. Hers broke down. So, one day next week, Mom and I are going to take all her haircutting supplies and make Ms. Phyllis feel beautiful. Maybe the most important thing about this visit is how different Ms. Phyllis looked by the end of it. When she opened the door for us she looked happy to see us, but kind of sad and lonely, too. She was smiling and laughing when we left.

What Ella wore:
Printed T-shirt: gift from a fried, Xhilaration brand
Navy skirt: hand-me-down, Justice brand
Shoes: Thrift store

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