Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Morning, ya'll.
This is already going to be a crazy week, I can feel it. I wish the weather would cool down a bit, so I could actually justify cooking again! Otherwise, after a pretty blah two weeks, I'm determined to make this week kick butt and be fun!

Ella was gone this weekend, to a friend's house for a sleepover and a trip to the zoo. I missed her, but I think it all hit Gabe harder than it did me. I see Ella every day (I'm her homeschool teacher as well as her Mom, lol), and so for me, it was kind of odd, but a nice break at the same time. For Gabe, he had to send his daughter off for two days on his day off.

It was nice, though. We had dinner, together. We hadn't had time just to ourselves of 2005. Even when I was pregnant and we lived in Texas, there was ZERO time to ourselves. We sent Ella off to her friend's and we had dinner. By ourselves. She called us once during dinner (yes, I am THAT Mom. I bought my kid a cell phone.) and I said to Gabe "I put Ella's number in your phone." He said "That sounds so weird." It really did sound weird!!!

She's not hiking a mountain range, I promise.

...I got gussied up and we had dinner together :)

And Ella was fine! She even got to pet a Victoria Crown Pigeon!

Moving on to Happy Homemaker Monday!!!

The weather in my neck of the woods: Warm. Bleh. Hurry autumn, hurry fast.

On the breakfast plate: Nothing. The thought of breakfast turns my stomach right now. I am going out for lunch though, yay!

On my TV: Nothing. But Ella and I are going to watch some videos for my school tonight. (So exciting, right? It is for both of us. We both love flowers and plants)

Meal Planning for this week: 
Tonight: Taco soup
Tuesday: White pizza (stay tuned for recipe)
Wednesday: Goulash
Thursday: Mexican Mac and Cheese
Friday: Sesame chicken and rice, veggies.
Saturday: Beef Veggie Soup
Sunday: Mostly-veggie Spaghetti (stay tuned)

On my to-do list:
Outing with Ella

New Recipe I want to try: The white pizza above. It's going to be odd for sure, because I've never made it. But we all went out to lunch before Ella left on Friday, and had white pizza. Gabe loved it. Ella and I have already had it, but I've never made it.

In the craft basket: Ugh, everything. I should add crafts to my to-do list.

Looking forward to this week: Work, believe it or not. Especially Thursday. And an outing on Saturday. And a surprise...and maybe another surprise. I really can't say.

Homemaking tip of the week: Meal planning is awesome. Also, pre-prepping your food (chopping veggies, etc) saves SO much time.

Favorite photo of the week: 

This is the new addition to my garden. It's an oriental lily/stargazer hybrid. I love it.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, a break is well-earned and I shouldn't feel guilty about it. Also, school doesn't really feel like school when you're doing what you love.

On my prayer list: The families in TN, our entire country, which is in desperate need of God, a good friend of mine whose Dad is fighting cancer, my Dad, who has an appointment this week.

Devotionals, Key Verses, Scriptures: 

Have a Blessed Week!!!

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