Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

It has already been a morning. I got to take our Tom to the vet (who, thankfully, is just across the street). He's been acting tired, and his nose is pretty pale. All signs point to fleas or ear mites (ew) and so we are treating him for that. If he's not doing better by Wednesday, I'm bringing him back to the vet. Say a prayer for our Tommy Cat, we love him. (And nothing/nobody else in the house is buggy, so no infestation here!)

On the breakfast plate: Nothing for me so far. I went to the vet bright and early.

The weather in my neck of the woods: It's lovely now, but it's supposed to warm up. Bleeehhh. The only saving grace is that it's way warmer in Chicago.

Things that make me happy: Good grades on exams, cool breezes. COFFEE.

Menu for this week: 
Monday: Crockpot Cheeseburgers
Tuesday: Beef Stew
Wednesday: Ground Turkey Tacos
Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner
Friday: Gabe's choice, probably takeout
Saturday: Salsa Chicken
Sunday:  Spaghetti

What's on my TV today: Hmmmm...nothing. I'm too worried about Tom Cat to want to watch anything.

Looking around the house: I have to vacuum. I spent last week organizing the bathrooms and making them pretty.

On my to-do list:  Take time for myself.
                               Deliver invoices
                               Worry about Tom Cat

New recipe I tried or want to try soon: Nothing to report, sorry. When things cool down, I'll get to cooking new things.

In the craft basket: Still.those.headbands. Because I have zero time.

Looking forward to this week: Tom Cat feeling better, and a trip out of town on Friday.

Tips and Tricks: When you have tomato plants, clip non-flowering branches and those close to the ground. That way, the plant can use its energy toward the fruit and flowers it has :)

My favorite blog post this week: Nothing. Sorry :(

Blog hopping: Haven't been blog hopping this week.

No words needed: 

Lesson Learned the past few days: Time management is a must.

Devotionals, Key Verses, Scripture Reading: 

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  1. Hope your cat is doing better. Fur children hurting is almost harder than real children because they can't talk to us.