Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

I totally overslept (by my standards, I was still the first one up), but it's the summer and after the week we've had here, I feel entitled to oversleep.

Let's get started!!!

On the breakfast plate: Sausage biscuit. Don't get too excited, it was microwaved.

The weather in my neck of the woods: Warm, but not too hot. Let's hope it stays that way, and let's hope that it rains some.

Things that make me happy: My husband acing his technology/sociology test, caring people.

Menu for this week: Last week seriously messed up my meal planning, but I'm hoping to get back to it this week.
Monday: Salsa Chicken
Tuesday: Beef Tips and Gravy, Noodles, Veggies
Wednesday: Frittata
Thursday: Naan Pizzas
Friday: Swiss Chard Roll-ups (wish me luck on that one, it's new)
Saturday: Taco Soup
Sunday: Chicken Pasta

On my to-do list: Cleaning House
                              Attempting Fried Green Tomatoes
                              Get more stuff ready for Goodwill/Consignment Sale/To give away

New Recipe I want to try: Fried green tomatoes, which aren't new, but I'm no good at making them. So, I'll be attempting those later today. And swiss chard rollups/enchiladas.

In the craft basket: LOL, headbands! Those WILL get done because school starts for Ella soon and that will take a lot of my attention.

Looking forward to this week: Getting back to my normal routine. This last week has really thrown me for a loop.

Tips and Tricks: This isn't so much a tip as it is an observation. Take a few minutes before leaving for a day out/event/whatever and prepare. Take an extra bottle of water, or a snack, or if you have a small child, an extra change of clothes. When I'm prepared for whatever may come, I feel better.

My Favorite Blog this Week/Blog Hopping: The Siren's Call which is an awesome weather blog.

No Words Needed: 

Lesson Learned: Kids are resilient, and we need to allow ourselves more time to grieve than we may think. We need to grieve on our own time, not someone else's.

On my mind: Work, school, maybe getting out of town for a few hours later on this week, hoping the Fried Green Tomatoes don't turn out awful.

Devotionals, Scriptures, Key Verses: 

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