Monday, December 8, 2014

Meal Plan Monday and The Stoveless Wonder

Ok. *deep breath*
We are FINALLY moved in.

It has been quite the week.

First of all, moving always bites. I don't care if it's across town or across the country, it bites.
Second, moving with a cat bites double-time.
Thirdly, moving when you're stressed to the gills and facing a health scare bites triple-time.
and LASTLY....

Finding out that the place you're moving into is more of a fixer-upper than you were originally informed because the previous tenant was kind of a slob and never fixed ANYTHING (including replacing light bulbs!!!), really, really, truly, and sincerely BITES.

Ya'll, when we moved in and I felt unwell and discovered that almost every.single.bulb. was not working (I thought the power had been cut!), and then my cat bolted out the door, and I realized I HAD NO STOVE OR OVEN, I cried. It wasn't a pretty cry. In fact, I am pretty sure I scared my poor family.

The last few weeks have definitely been a lesson in trusting God. If they were a test, I failed miserably. But God is gracious and faithful even when I am not.

My new landlady had no idea we were going to have to do so much upon moving in (by the way, the light bulb count is 9 so far.) and brought me a tabletop oven and a convection oven. I bought a double burner and Mrs. Sarah brought me an electric skillet. I also have my myriad of crockpots. So, until this stove issue is fixed, things are going to be very interesting around here!

Here are a few pictures from today:

We made a turkey. Ella gave it a shower. 

Tabletop Roaster

Another shot of the roaster

If you've made it this far, God bless you! I tend to ramble. 
Here's the Meal Plan for the week. 

Monday: Made a turkey in the roaster, had mashed potatoes with it. It was DELICIOUS
Tuesday: Turkey noodle soup (and turkey slider sandwiches for hubby)
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner (church night)
Thursday: Tacos, tentatively, but we'll see
Friday: Sandwiches
Saturday: Winter Soup, per Gabe's request
Sunday: Spaghetti Bake

Like I said, things are going to get interesting in my kitchen because I'm stoveless until further notice!

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