Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lilla Rose: Purple Friday and a Giveaway on top of a Giveaway!

Did you miss Black Friday?

Well, never fear! Lilla Rose is having a Purple Friday sale!!!

Here are the deets:

Most of my customers know that I'm doing a giveaway every month, where the winner gets a free item of their choice. (All you have to do to enter is order something during that month from my website )
This month, I am doing two giveaways. I am already doing my usual monthly giveaway...but this month, I have a goal I want to meet. I would like an additional $300 in orders before the end of the month (I'm in the process of saving up money for a return trip to Chicago for Ella's 9th Birthday and Riley's 10th. It's the only thing Ella has asked for!) 
If my goal is met, I will give a lucky winner the wildly popular and sold out Crimson Joy flexi in a size small!

While you are shopping the Purple Friday Sale, you are automatically entered to win this *sold out* clip and you are helping fulfill my awesome daughter's birthday wish!
Happy Shopping!

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