Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's been a while since I last wrote anything. It's been crazy here, to say the least. My father had a cancer scare, which by God's Grace turned out to be nothing. Gabe's been dealing with a lot at work. I've been doing my best to breathe as the girls' birthday approaches. It hasn't been easy.

On one hand, I am much calmer this year than any other year. God gave my father a second lease on life, I am grateful for that. I want to honor my daughter more, and cry less. Does that make any sense?

All of that was going extremely well, until...a nameless person approached me and asked me "what's wrong?" because I "seem a little off.", which I suppose in itself was harmless. However, after being briefed about my situation, this person proceded to lie to me about having suffered a loss herself, and then called me "bitter."

If this person reads it, I am sure she knows who she is. To the rest of you, (unless of course, I've already told you who she is, and I know you will keep the secret), she will remain nameless.

So, there you have it. I'm breathing right now. In, out, in, out. God's grace is sufficient. He gives me the strength I need to face down each day as the 17th approaches. We have several new pinwheels out front. I will update with pictures later this week.

Until then, say a little prayer for me please. Thank you.

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