Thursday, April 18, 2013


Every year, in the spring, especially from mid to late April til the middle of May, I have myself a freakout. My firstborn was lost during pregnancy on May 17th. I had my next-born the following May 17th, at 35 weeks. My firstborn is Riley Grace, and we miss her every day. My next-born is Ella, and when she is not driving me insane, she is the light of my life. Having both birthdays on the same day is not easy to say the least, and I spend most of the time leading up to May 17th either dreading it or feeling guilty for dreading it.

This year, I bought Ella a pinwheel at the dollar store. She "gave" it to Riley, but putting it under the cherry tree she has dubbed Riley's tree. Then, she informed me that she would like to collect some pinwheels for Riley. A dear friend gave me an Americana-themed pinwheel. Thank you, Brenda!

Last week, Ella took her own money to the store and bought a rainbow colored pinwheel for her sister.
Then, today, I was surprised by the FedEx guy, who brought a pinwheel all the way from my American hometown of Berwyn, IL courtesy of my friend Desiree. I love, love, love this one. Dragonflies have always been my special "sign" for Riley, so this is so special to me.
Don't you love this one? We certainly do. We have them under Riley's tree, which will be blooming within the next week or so.
Ella is grateful to everyone who has given or donated one, and she is hoping for 8 by May 17th (so we are halfway there!), because it would be Riley's 8th birthday. Ella will be turning 7 that day. Where does the time go? Anyone who wants to send us a pinwheel, please contact me at  Tell everyone you know. I want this birthday to be special for both of my girls.

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