Friday, April 12, 2013 experiment

I've been so incredibly stressed lately. My girls' birthday is coming up, and my husband's job is stressful, and life is stressful in general...So today, I decided to de-stress by doing something fun with Ella. A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook about industrial strength bubbles. We took 6 cups of water, one cup of corn syrup, and 2 cops of non-ultra Joy dish soap. Mix it all together, and you end up with something that smells wonderful (like lemons!) and looks like this....
We took bubble wands, made bubble wands out of straws, and used kitchen stuff (like that spatula) to make bubbles.
This made big bubbles. They were so strong that they didn't pop in the air, or after they landed in the grass.

See what I mean? This sucker wouldn't pop. Soooo.....
Ella jumped on it.

All in all, it made for a good time. And we have some bubble liquid left, and I read it gets better the longer it sits, so we'll have more fun another day!

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  1. Sounds like fun. I will have to try it with my boys! Though I'm wondering if it has to be Joy dish soap, or will any other kind work?