Monday, April 15, 2013

New Life Scavenger Hunt

When you're a homeschooler, it's hard to find new and exciting things to do with your kiddos. While researching our Bible memory verse, I found a Family Devotional Program for the spring season. One of the first things that was listed was the New Life Scavenger Hunt, where your child is given a camera and they take pictures of living things. I received a Panasonic Lumix for my birthday last October, and Ella loves playing with it, so we grabbed that and off we went.
Forsythia bush in our yard
Robin in the churchyard
We saw some ducks too
this is Grandpa Bruce, who is definitely alive!
Ella spotted some curly onion grass
And these beautiful lilac buds
Ella's friend Hallie joined us. Aren't they adorable?
Hallie found this dandelion, which is a living thing
We also found this's arguably alive :)
Hallie's brother, Luke also made the "alive" list
And so did these two :)
It was good to see both girls learning about things that are alive (flowers, birds) and things that are not (rocks, household appliances), and even better to tell them that God created all these beautiful living things for us to enjoy.


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