Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where the Roses Never Fade

This is one of my favorite Christian songs. As someone who believes in God, and as the parent of a little girl who's gone on to Heaven, I believe that I will one day see her in that place "where the roses never fade."

A few things about me.

*I'm a Christian who's done some very un-Christian things.
*I'm working every day to do right by my husband, and our living child.
*The very fact that I say "living child" means I have one who is not. Her name is Riley Grace.
*I homeschool.
*I'm happily married to a great guy.
*My "living child" is a six year old named Ella.
*I love to cook.
*I love to laugh
*I love almost everything and everyone.

Ella, Gabe, and me (Christmas 2011, our family portrait is outdated)

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  1. And any time you want to share tips and ideas for homeschooling, please feel free!