Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Afternoon, friends! This is probably my only halfway "quiet" day this week, so let's get this underway!

The weather outside is: COLD! And there's a very light dusting of snow on the ground! SNOW! Actual snow!

On the breakfast plate this morning: I had a Lean Cuisine. Breakfast foods are not my friend first thing in the morning. 

As I look outside my window: I'm still pretty amazed that we have SNOW. It's not enough to get out and play in, but it does give me hope for this winter :)

Right now I am: Thanking God that I feel better, physically and emotionally. It had been over 10 years since my last pregnancy, and having it end in miscarriage was more frightening and panic-inducing than I ever expected. Yesterday was just a bad day, but I feel much better today.

As I look around the house: I'm ready to get into the swing of things with school and work again, Also, I do believe my amaryllis will bloom by the end of this week, and I cannot wait!

On today's to-do list:
*Meal Planning 
*Cleaning the bathrooms (Monday is Bathroom Day)
*Bundle up and hit the library with Miss Ella
*Buy milk, because apparently, we are out. 

Happening this week: Back to the grind with no holidays to break it up! Oh well!

Currently Reading: 1 Chronicles in the Bible, "Pearls of Great Price" by Joni Eareckson Tada, and "Where the Broken Lie" by Derek Rempfer. Also, finishing up a book with my sister: "The Inconvenient Corpse" by Jackie King. Thera is is Texas, and I am in North Carolina, but it's nice to "read" a book together. (We both have it on Kindle, will read a chapter at the same time, and discuss over text's our own little two-person book club)

On the TV today: Probably nothing for me, I've got a lot to do and I really, really, really want to finish "Where the Broken Lie." I'm pretty sure that Gabe and Ella have a Star Trek marathon planned, as he is off of work, and they are both big Trekkies. 

The Meals This Week:
Monday: The Turkey Spaghetti I was supposed to make yesterday. I did SO well with meals this week, but I felt so bad yesterday that I jumped at the chance to have pizza with a friend, and made Gabe some chicken soup when he got home. (Ella went with me to have pizza)
Tuesday: Frittata
Wednesday: Chicken and CousCous
Thursday: Pork Roast
Friday: Planned Leftovers: Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Saturday: Winter Potato Soup
Sunday: Lasagna 

What I am Creating at this Moment: A get-well card for a family member.

Favorite Photo from the Camera: 

Snowflakes! So beautiful! God truly is an artist. 

Bible Verses, Devotionals: 

Have a beautiful week, friends! 


  1. Wow! That snowflake picture is amazingly detailed! Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. Miscarriage and premature birth are such life-changing experiences. I've experienced both. And although I know that God had a plan, it's something that stays with you forever. I have 6 little Heavenly "hearts" and 1 heavenly nephew. Now, as for snow...LOL THAT I can do without. But I'm in Maine and winter is just kicking into gear!

  3. I am glad that you feel better. I hope you have a good week this week. I don't miss the snow. I am originally from Ohio and we moved here to southern California its nice to enoy the weather without snow for once. Your menu sounds yummy. Hope you have a great and I love your qoute. Stopping by from the link up.

  4. I am so very sorry for your loss. The time after a loss is so hard. I'm glad you have some snow to take a such a beautiful photo. I'd be happy with 50 and sunny all winter but I doubt we get to that.

  5. So happy you're feeling better! May you have continued healing in your body & your heart.

    May 2016 bring you many blessings, good health & much joy! Xoxo

  6. LOVE that snowflake picture! Glad you are feeling better - every day is a conquest after a loss like that. Have a great week@