Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brrrrr! The Blizzard of 2016

A few weeks ago, it was 70 degrees here, and Ella was riding her bike with shorts on.

And then this past Thursday, it started snowing....and didn't stop. We're currently sitting pretty at nearly 2 feet of snow, and 45 mph wind gusts.

Of course, when you have a 9 year old who has been waiting, and praying, and waiting and praying for Winter since the end of October, you brave the cold.

It's a ghost town out there!

She's certainly dressed for the weather. The hat came from Gabe. It's ridiculous, but she loves it!

The happiest kid in a blizzard that you ever will see.

Snow angel!

That snow is soooo deep!

See that red sliver? That's Ella's sled....

She had to dig it out of the snow.


Unfortunately, the high winds and way cold weather didn't allow for much sledding. We're trying again tomorrow.

If you're wondering how our cats are faring in this insanity, well, they've both opted to stay inside. Dave has been laying out in Ella's tub, which I've discovered is pretty warm. Sphinx has decided to snuggle up under some blankets, but they both came out while I cooked dinner.

I'm going to attempt to enjoy the snow while we have it (Monday is supposed to bring 45 degree temps and Tuesday, it's going to rain, so it will all melt!), but I am definitely ready for some snowless days!!!!
If you're in the path of this storm, please stay warm and safe!

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