Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning, friends. It's Christmas week!!!!

The Weather Outside is: Rainy. And cool. And Ella's cat Magpie (who's under the weather right now) is sitting on my sweater, so good luck to me if I want it.

On the Breakfast Plate: You mean in the breakfast soup mug? Because I'm having soup, don't judge.

As I Look Outside My Window: It's gray, and it just looks chilly. Brrr!!!!

Right Now, I am: Typing up this post, trying desperately to Meal Plan and decide what on earth I'm getting at the grocery store. I've got Christmas dinner all figured out (and it's an actual dinner, not pizza) but the days before and after Christmas have me uninspired.

As I Look Around the House: Ella is reading about the different kinds of fish and their environments. Gabe is getting ready for work, and Magpie and Dave are napping. Sphinx is in the yard, prowling.

On Today's To-Do List:
*Visit the dump
*Go to the grocery
*Make cookies with Ella
*Write out the last of the Christmas cards
*Wrap Gabe's gifts...shhhhh!
*Wrap a gift for a friend

Happening This Week: 
Also, I work some, and will be trying to take some time to relax.

Currently Reading: 1 Kings in the Bible and a book called Burial Rites by Hannah Kent.

Meal Planning:
Monday: TBA, the chicken is still frozen and I haven't been to the grocery yet
Tuesday: Chicken, broccoli and rice
Wednesday: Frittata
Thursday: Christmas Eve!!!! We do most of our celebrating Christmas Eve, and then we're lazy bums on Christmas, Ham, Potatoes, Rolls, Green Beans, lots of good sweet stuff.
Friday: leftovers, because we can and Gabe's place of employment is CLOSED!
Saturday: Beef Stew
Sunday; Sausage and Peppers, Pasta

What I am Creating at the Moment: Order in the house ;)

New Recipe I Want to Try Soon:
We were given some salmon, and it's been forever since I've had salmon, so I'm on the look out for new recipes. Also, deer meat (venison). I've NEVER prepared it and my landlord was awesome enough to give us some.

Favorite Photo: 

We had some errands to run in TN, so we stopped at the Dollar Tree. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Dollar Tree?)

Bible Verses, Scriptures:

Have a beautiful week, friends, and Merry Christmas!!!!!


  1. Your to do list is still making me laugh! Love that picture of your daughter in the sunglasses. I love the dollar tree too - they have some great bargains.

    Have a blessed week and Christmas with family and friends.

  2. My dad, husband, and kids all LOVE venison! I think my dad usually just throws it on the grill. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Hello dear Friend! I love that we've found each other through blogland. I just wanted to pop in and wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas and joyous 2016! So happy you're not doing pizza this holiday. Lol! See ya in the New Year! xo

  4. Our weather is horrible here, it rained most of today, and was in the 50s!! Ugh…if only it were snow!! My neighbor just sent over some salmon for us too. I haven’t decided how I’ll prepare it. I’ve never had deer meat, would be interesting to try. Wishing you and your family a wonderfully blessed Christmas dear friend!! xx