Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Morning, Friends! It's going to be a great week, because my husband is finally ON VACATION!!!!! (Of course, I still have to work most of the rest of the week...)
We're going to have a date night on Friday. Our last one was in July, when Ella went to a friend's house for a few days.

The weather: Warmer than forecasted. Victory! Friday, our date day, is supposed to be gorgeous, and the day after, Ella and I go to house-sit at work. That's supposed to be gorgeous too. YESSSSS

On the breakfast plate this morning: Green tea. Yes, I know I need to eat. No, I'm not hungry. I took some gummy vitamins and they had the consistency of fruity tacky-glue. Oh, the things we do to keep healthy.

Right now, I am: Finishing up some schoolwork with Ella, and typing up this post in an evening gown. True story! A dear friend sent me two evenings gowns and even a dress for Ella, as well as some other things, and an incredibly thoughtful gift to remember the baby we lost last month.

As I look around the house: It's sunny, it's beautiful, and The Sphinx is chasing a slinky around the living room.

On today's to do list: Laundry, Cleaning out the fridge (my least favorite chore), going to the dump, cleaning the kitchen, catching up on all the stuff that has fallen by the wayside lately.

Currently Reading: My Bible, and a host of recipe books.

On the menu this week: 
Monday: Chicken Stew, as the girl is fighting off a cold and this is my cure-all.
Tuesday: Italian Beef Sandwiches
Wednesday: Taco Soup
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner
Friday, Date Night: Dinner out, Ella eats at Grandma Jean's!
Saturday: Beef Stew
Sunday: Chicken Alfredo

What I am creating at the moment: Winter Remembrance items and Christmas decorations (I need to get Fall off my mantel)

Favorite Photo from the Camera: 

We went to Speedway in Lights in Bristol, TN this weekend. It was cold and this picture is blurry, but oh my goodness, her face says it all. The magic of childhood is alive and well here.

On my prayer list: My Mom and Dad, my kid brother, the families of the victims in San Bernadino, our government, this entire world.

Bible Verses, Devotions, Key Scriptures: 

Have a beautiful week, friends!!!!


  1. Hooray for date nights - especially when the weather is nice! Enjoy!
    I had no appetite this morning either - it probably had something to do with the gigantic bowl of pumpkin ice cream I ate just before bed last night! ;)
    I make a chicken stew that's basically chicken soup except that I thicken it with flour/milk instead of adding broth. What is yours? I'm always interested in cure-all foods!
    Have a great week and enjoy having your husband around.

  2. Oh, man! I didn't even have pumpkin ice cream!!!
    I also thicken mine with a roux made from butter and flour, and add in green and red and yellow peppers and a ton of garlic :)

  3. Oh what a fun post! I hope you have a great date. I would love to see your dress! How neat. What a fabulous idea!
    I want one! Thanks for coming by my post and thanks for the Best Wishes! Have a great week.

  4. Yay for date night Joanna!! You folks are obviously way over due. Enjoy every second dear Friend.

    Love the thought of you in the gown - made me smile. ;) Hope your little pumpkin feels better soon and that all of you stay healthy.Your soup sounds very tasty.
    Blessings on the rest of your week Sweetie. xoxo