Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning/soon to be afternoon, friends! I've not changed my HMM button to winter yet, and I refuse! It hasn't really felt like winter here lately at ALL. (and Fall still has its place on my mantel)

Here we go!!!

The Weather Outside: Rainy, but warm. I'll take it. Considering one year here in NC, December was brutal, and snowy and horrible, I'll take it!

On the Breakfast Plate: A turkey and mozzarella (fresh, not shredded) sandwich, and the vitamins that taste like fruit-flavored tacky glue.

As I look outside my window: I think the rain is slowing down a little bit. Maybe a trip outdoors is warranted later.

Right now I am: Trying not to choke on a lemon-shaped vitamin. Yuck. Also, going over spelling lists and trying to meal-plan. All stuff I should have done this weekend. Whoops...that's what Mondays are for.

As I look around the house: I realize that I have a lot to catch up on. Again, that's what rainy Mondays are for, right?

On today's to-do list: *Catch up on laundry
                                     *finally get Fall off my mantel
                                     *finally put up my tree (it's taken a back seat as I've recovered from my miscarriage)

Happening This Week: 
Monday: Christmas tree gets up, come hell or high water. It's gotta happen.
Tuesday: Work, Grandma's House, Winter Remembrance
Wednesday: Work, Cooking for Soup Delivery
Thursday: Soup Delivery, Take Ella to Town Hall for Christmas-y pictures
Friday: Taking a day trip out of town because my sanity depends on it
Saturday: Helping out with Sunday School Board
Sunday: Church, Rest

Currently Reading: 
My Bible and The Baker's Creek Catalog (Heirloom Seeds). It's never too early to start thinking about the garden. We had such an awesome tomato harvest this year, I'm already wondering what else to plant. Will have to ask my Mom and Dad for advice, as their garden also did very well this year.

On the T.V. today:
I don't have time for TV!!!

On the menu for this week:
Monday: The Chicken Alfredo I should have made yesterday, whoops
Tuesday: Stuffed Peppers
Wednesday: Frittata
Thursday: Crock Pot Pork Loin
Friday: Frozen Pizza, Mama needs a break
Saturday: Potato Soup
Sunday: Spaghetti

What I am creating at the moment:
Christmas stuff. Winter remembrance. I should probably sew Ella another skirt.

New Recipe I want to try:
You're going to gasp, but I have never in my life made a meatloaf. One day....

Favorite Photo From the Camera:

A few weeks ago, Ella bought a gift certificate for some Sheriff's Deputies in our town. We were invited to the Sheriff's Christmas party after that, and Ella received a new bike! ...okay, so maybe I have two favorite pictures.

Even though I look slightly suspicious in this picture, I still love it. We don't get many pictures of just us....

Bible Verses, Devotions...

Have a beautiful week, friends!!!!


  1. Looks like a busy week ahead - but filled with such wonderful giving moments and fun things. And yes you need to get that tree up Girlie! ;)

    Hope you're continuing to heal well sweet Gal. I have a yummy meatloaf recipe on my blog if you're ever looking for one. Lol

    Love your inspiration. Hummingbirds are forever a little sign from my Grandma in heaven to me. And sweet pic of you and your hubby. xo
    Blessings on your week.

  2. It's still warm here too. I have a feeling we're in for a kick in the butt come January and February and will be wishing for these warm days again. Hope you are feeling better each and every day - it takes awhile. If you're interested I have a pretty good meatloaf (according to hubby) Meatloaf - Homestyle too.

  3. Awww…nice pic!! Don’t feel bad about the meatloaf. I have never made one either…and I don’t ever plan too, lol. Those vitamins sound delish, lol. I hate taking vitamins, I have to cut mine in half, and then the half in half.

    Enjoy your weekend!! It’s the beginning of Christmas break for us from the home schooling. I think I am more excited then the boys!! xx