Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Little Bit of Christmas-y Stuff...

It's not looking like Christmas around here. At all.

The other day it was almost 70 degrees out, and Ella spent the day riding her bike (the one she got from the Sheriff's Dept.) and playing with the animals (our cats, the landlord's dogs) outside. It's supposed to cool down on Friday, but we're back up into the 60's next week. I've given up on the idea of a white Christmas this year, but that's okay.

We decorated our (living, in a pot, going outside in the Spring) tree.

My dear friend Jen sent me a beautiful ornament in memory of my Little One, gone nearly a month now. The ornament reads "Every time a bell rings, a faithful angel gets its wings."

Riley's ornament is nearly 6 years old. I got it when we first moved to NC.

I finally got all of the fall decorations off my mantel. The picture is Ella's handprints from years ago, and the two little ornaments are in honor of my two babies in Heaven. Oh, and Hawkeye the fish is there too. He's not decor though.

As far as Christmas shopping goes, it's almost done (Thank you, Swagbucks and Amazon) I have a few little things I need to get on Friday, and then we're ready. While I'm a little sad this Christmas, because Christmas Eve was going to be when I announced the pregnancy, I'm extremely blessed. I have a loving husband, a beautiful 9 year old girl, 3 sweet (for the most part) cats, amazing family and friends. I'm blessed, even through this sadness.

Also, Magpie says Merry Christmas!!!!

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