Saturday, November 21, 2015

Important Lessons

Yesterday, we delivered soup to people who are home-bound. It was part of Ella's school lesson.
Because some lessons cannot be taught in a classroom, nor can they be found in a textbook. 
There are no courses in kindness, no lessons on God's love. 
My 9 year old daughter spent time making a "Happy Thanksgiving" card to each person on our route.
One lady teared up and hugged Ella fiercely and a man told her he would hang up her card on the wall with his "other valuables."
She saw farm animals and played with several friendly dachshunds. She offered each person on the route a friendly smile and asked them about their families, and fell into easy conversation.
Some of the people on our route get next to no interaction with others because they live far away from town, or their family members have died...or, in far too many cases, family just doesn't care.
To have Ella know that these people need love and to see her reach out to them and offer a listening ear...
I know she is learning the right things, and I am proud of the person she is. 

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