Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good afternoon, everyone! I am so very late in posting this, but it's my day off and I slept in a little bit longer than I had wanted to, and then we had a flurry of morning activity. Goodness, it's always busy around here!


The weather: Deceptively sunny. It's cold, ya'll!!!! We had some tiny snow flurries yesterday and Saturday night. Technically, we're overdue for snow, and I'm sure it will be beautiful once we get some. But, I'm going to enjoy every sunny day we have! We have some snow coming in the next few weeks, and part of me is a little excited!

Looking outside my window: Deceptively sunny, like I said. Dave is in the backyard, sunning himself. He likes the freedom of being outside, but doesn't go far.

Right now, I am: Watching Ella read a compass and typing up with post. We're studying geography and her Grandpa Bill was kind enough to send her a compass a while back. It's getting plenty of use!!!

Thinking and Pondering: About my non-turkey Thanksgiving. I've cooked every year since we arrived in NC, and I'm not doing it this year. It's not a protest, or rebellion...I just want to enjoy my family. It's already on the schedule that Gabe will be working this, I'm going to go hang out at a friend's house and help her with the whole turkey thing and then I'm going to come home and be a "bad mommy" and let Ella stay up until her Dad comes home and then we'll all eat frozen pizza and watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

On my bedside table: Glitter. And lots of it.

On my TV this week: Pretty much every Peanuts cartoon ever made. I'm in a nostalgic mood :)

Listening to: Ella explain where North is to her cat, Magpie, and Taylor Swift "We are never ever getting back together" (Ella's request)

On the menu for this week: 
Monday: Turkey Taco Soup
Tuesday: Broccoli Casserole
Wednesday: Chicken and Couscous
Thursday: Frozen Pizza (don't judge!!!)
Friday: Breakfast for dinner
Saturday: Steakhouse soup
Sunday: 1-pot Spaghetti

On my to-do list:
Finish Lessons
Go to the bank
Go to the library
Pick up a small gift for a friend
Drop off said gift
run to Gram's

Happening this week:
Today: see above
Tuesday: Headed to Boone for retail therapy
Wednesday: school, work, studying
Thursday: Thanksgiving festivities at friend's house, family stuff
Friday: REST, catching up on housework, special project

What I am creating: A small craft for the children in our church's PeeWee Club, Christmas presents and that special project ;)

My simple pleasure: 

Kasztanki, a candy from Poland that I absolutely love. A box came from my Mom and Dad this morning and absolutely made my day. They even sent a few small ceramic owls for Ella's collection, and dried mushrooms that they foraged for in the forest near their house. (Don't worry, they are 100% safe and edible, my parents are experts on this sort of thing). Another thing that lifted my spirits? Seeing my kid brother's handwriting! (Yes, he will always be my KID brother. I'll be 100 and he'll be 95 and he will be my KID brother still!)

Looking around the house: The Sphinx is asleep in the living room, Ella's finishing her assignment and everything is bathed in sunlight. It's pretty much everything I've ever wanted: a house with kids and cats.

From the camera: 

Oh, Sphinx. We had a TIME on Saturday. She somehow made her way up onto our roof, and couldn't get down. Gabe was at work, it was late, and I kept hearing *something* on the roof. Turns out it was The Sphinx. To make a long story short, I got her down, but it took a while. It involved a chair, a box, and some dry food as bait. I think she's learned her lesson (I hope!) because she's stayed at ground level since.

Prayer List: This whole world. We're in a mess, friends, and only God can fix it.

Bible Verse, Devotional: 

Have an amazing week, friends!!!!!


  1. Oh to live near Boone for a shopping fix.... Have a blessed time!

  2. Oh goodness the roof story reminds me of one! I'll have to write about. Thanks for the inspiration. I enjoyed visiting you and ready your post. I joined today too. Come over and visit.
    Enjoy your week.

  3. The most important thing about the holidays is doing what you enjoy and spending time with your family!! I love all the Peanuts cartoons too, I really want to see the new one. I’m not a cat person, but my daughter loves them, and I’m liking them a little more, Sphinx is a beautiful cat, and I love the name!!

    I’ve never heard of that candy, but I googled it, and it looks delicious!! Have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving friend!! xx

  4. LOL I'm so laughing at your "BAD MOMMY" statement. As long as you're with family and enjoying each others company I think a pizza can be as good as turkey for Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. The Sphinx came with her name when we adopted her from the Humane Society. I kept her name and Dave's as well, which I found out is for the best as Dave has been Dave his entire 7 years and he answers to it!

  6. I love that your nostalgic mood brings you to the Peanuts! Such a Gal after my own heart!! Plus, you're my Polish Gal with the fun Polish candy. ;) Love it!

    I would never judge your frozen pizza. Lol Thanksgiving is not about turkey or cranberries. Thanksgiving is about family, love, memories together, being truly thankful in our hearts for our blessings. I think you've got that all covered. ;)

    Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving my Dear!!! xoxo