Wednesday, November 25, 2015

4 Months Ago....

Four months ago, I went into the Humane Society, still grieving for Tom, to pick up a black and white cat (Sphinx) for Gabe and Dave, who I wasn't sure I would ever have a bond with.
Oh, how wrong I was. 
Over the past 4 months, Dave and I have learned much about trust and friendship. 
The big gray cat who used to hide in our "junk" cabinet has shown a larger-than-life personality, and the kind of loyalty practically unheard of in cats.
The girl who was so sure she never wanted another cat opened her heart again and let in a cat who'd been through way more than anyone, human or animal, should.
I have people ask me "Does he always look this mean/smug/jerky?" LOL
He's anything but.
A few weeks ago, I had one of those nights where everything went wrong, and then, I broke 3 eggs while making dinner. I sat down on my kitchen floor and cried. And this "jerky", "smug" cat, all 14 pounds of him, crawled onto my lap and put his head on my shoulder.
People say I did a wonderful thing rescuing Dave.
I don't think they understand that he rescued me as well.

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