Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Labor Day!!!
Even though I'm "off work" I'll still be laboring today, as we prepare to celebrate my husband's birthday this week!

Here we go :)

On the weather front: It's supposed to dip into the upper 60's here, later in the week. I.can.not.wait!!!!

On my bedside table: Tea, Kindle, paper, pen, devotional.

Books I'm reading: Still struggling through "Where Secrets Sleep" (by Marta Perry). Good news is that it's picked up a little. I'm also reading "Callie" by Sharon Srock, who is an awesome Christian author.

On the news: While it completely breaks my heart to read about more police officers being killed (seriously, America, what gives?) my heart is uplifted by stories like this one , where a teenager watches over a police officer at a gas station (after another officer was gunned down at a gas station). There is still hope for this broken world. We all need to pray and turn back to God. We all need to treat one another like our lives have VALUE.

On the menu this week: This is an odd's a clean-out-the-pantry week, prep-garden-harvests-week, and also Gabe's birthday week. Um....we'll see.
Today: Hamburger Helper.
Tuesday: Gabe's mini-birthday shindig. I'm thinking crockpot hamburgers, grilled hot dogs, and BLT's (because tomatoes are still plentiful)
Wednesday: Crockpot Mexican Chicken
Thursday: Cube Steak in mushroom gravy, whipped potatoes
Friday: Birthday shinding, continued. Pizza, cake, and ice cream
Saturday: Chicken Pot-Pie Soup (wish me luck, I'm wingin' this one)
Sunday: Pasta, of some kind.

New Recipe I want to try: That'll be the Chicken Pot Pie Soup.

To-do list: Oh my heavens.
                   School (nope, no breaks for us, Ella insists)
                   Clean the house
                   Freeze tomatoes and peppers and tear down most of the tomato plants
                   About a gazillion things I haven't even thought of much for a day off!

In the craft basket: Even more headbands (everybody is having girls!) and a special project Ella and I are working on.

What I plan on doing for myself this week: If I can get through to the weekend with my sanity intact, that's what I'll have done: kept my sanity.

Favorite Photo: 

That's Dipper. Go ahead and say it, ya'll. I shouldn't be allowed to go to the Humane Society unattended.

Lesson Learned: God is there. Even when everything else falls apart, He is always there.

Devotionals, Scriptures, Key Verses: 

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  1. Yep…no day off for me either. I usually plan my lessons for the boys on Sundays, since I was enjoying company, and knowing I had today off, I left it for today. I usually do a week at a time. We live right across from the school, so we kind of stick to the school schedule with our home schooling, so we took the day off from that. That’s great that your daughter is motivated to keep working!!

    Have a great week!! Hope you keep your sanity, lol :)