Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beating The Slump

I've been in one lately.

Work. School. School. Work.

The home life suffers. I'm not pleasant as a Mom or a Wife. Ugh.

Maybe you've been there, too? Hitting the snooze button as many times as you possibly can, before you roll out of bed, and trudge through your day, having too much coffee, so you veer between zombie and ogre?

Have you ever been so tired and un-inspired during your day that almost NOTHING you wanted to get done, got done?

I've been feeling so emotionally-awful lately, and I couldn't figure out why. Change in the weather, hormones, something, ugh.

My daily Bible reading is what keeps me sane, and for the most part, I had been reading at night. But, I was so tired by the time I sat down with my Bible, I don't think I absorbed much of it.

One day, I decided that I needed to make a to-do list. It was one of those really awful days, where no housework that I wanted done, got done, I was disappointed in myself and just ugh. On the top of my to-do list was "Read the Bible."

I'm reading my Bible in the mornings now, setting my alarm earlier and reading before I even get out of bed. That helps me get a jump on the morning chores and gets me to work in a better mood.

The to-do list has helped too. I put it on the back of each prayer journal page, so the next morning, after I read my Bible, and do my journaling, I can look at my to-do list and get started on it.

This is just a glimpse. I prefer to keep my journaling private, but you can see the highlighted list on one side.

I've also started reading some passages in Polish, because of the awesome Polish Bible I received from my in-laws.

Such a simple change, but it's already made a difference in our lives. My husband says I'm more pleasant to be around (thanks, honey!), I'm more productive at work, and life just goes better in general.

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  1. Just love this Joanna! I've been working to do the same thing. I work hard to get my devotional time, exercise time - basic healthy me time, but life so often gets in the way. I'm determined to get my clock set earlier and make that time happen - instead of making excuses.
    thanks for the inspiration! Keep it up lovely Lady! Blessings. xoxo