Sunday, March 15, 2015

Desperation in the Kitchen: Mississippi Mud Potatoes (aka the post where I get injured and break 2 plates)

First things first:
Yup, I got injured (burned) doing this recipe.
Yup, I managed to break two plates.
I also found out that I have a lot of weird food hang-ups. (Read on for what they are)

these potatoes are so dang delicious that I would do it all again...and I will, because Gabe has already requested them.

Here we go!

Mississippi Mud Potatoes

Recipe adapted from here 

Here's what you need

*Potatoes (the recipe called for 8-10 cups of potatoes, I used 2 cans of sliced potatoes...why? because I'm lazy)
*2 cups or so of shredded cheddar
*green onion, as much as you want
*bacon (I used bacon bits...laziness)
*mayo (recipe called for one cup, but I used less. I have a hang-up about mayo. It creeps me out.)
*salt and pepper

Here's what you do

*Open your cans of potatoes and rinse, rinse, rinse. Read about my canned potato phobia here 

*Dice your potatoes...I literally diced them in the colander...canned potato phobia, ya'll

*Combine your potatoes, bacon bits (or crisped up bacon, if you're ambitious), cheese, and green onions. This is where I broke two plates. Oh, boy.

*Coat with mayo. If you're a freako like me, have a mini flip-out over the texture.

*Top with even more cheese and bake at 325 for an hour and a half

Enjoy! Despite my food issues, I loved loved loved these potatoes!

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