Friday, November 21, 2014

Small Life Update

...because small is all I have time for right now.

We are moving. So....most of my house looks like THIS.

I hate moving. Seriously. Beyond hate it. But, despite the stress of the last few weeks, this is probably the least stressful move I have ever had. Mainly, because of THIS guy.

He is the master of packing. I would be lost without him. (because, say it with me , ya'll I HATE MOVING) He has been busy packing up our little house, and I have been helping here and there (mainly packing up my kitchen without packing up every.single.little.thing I use, lest I not have it when necessary)

We are definitely not the most attractive couple....but we do have very cute children....

My house is in upheaval right now. Boxes are everywhere! STUFF is everywhere! But, we keep things in perspective and thank God in all things. Tonight was our Thanksgiving, seeing as by the real Thanksgiving, 99% of my house will be in boxes, and we may actually be moving that day, sooooooooooooooo....we sat down to a family dinner today, and it was lovely. My husband worded a beautiful prayer and we counted our blessings.

This next week is going to be more packing, more moving, more insanity. I promised Ella I would spend the better part of the day with her tomorrow, including a trip to see the new house and fried chicken for lunch.

Gabe is totally my hero throughout all of this. He got so much done before he went to work yesterday it was amazing. I came in from work yesterday afternoon to find a ton of clothes already boxed up and ready to go. 

We have an amazing church family helping us through this move. We've only been attending church there for a few months, but the people there have stepped in and helped us a ton. Pastor even stopped by today with boxes and packing materials.  We are blessed! We are blessed! We are blessed!


  1. Moving? Whoa! Did I fall into a hole and miss this tidbit or is this news you've been holding onto? :) where ya going? Praying for a smooth process for all y'all! :D

  2. We're staying in town. For now. When I announce the move back up north, it will be with more fanfare, trust me! :)