Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rag Curls ("Papiloty"): a tutorial

When I was Ella's age, my aunt Zosia used to curl my hair "na papiloty", using little cloth strips. For a seven year old, it was a huge deal because I went by myself across the dirt road to aunt Zosia's and got to stay there way past dark.

One night last week, Ella was asking me about my childhood and Zosia and my curly hair came up. After much begging and a google search of two, I set about curling her hair.

Here's what you need:

*some cloth strips (I cut the sleeves off of one of her t-shirts)
*a kid with damp hair

First, gather up your cloth strips. Depending on the thickness of hair, you may need more or less. I want to say I cut up about 16 and used maybe 10 or 12. I'm bad at this tutorial thing.

Brush your kiddo's hair out smooth. This may be a time to mention Ella's eclectic collection of bedcoverings. :) It may also be a time to mention how happy I will be once we cut our hair in October.

Starting at the ends, wind the hair around your cloth strip until you reach the roots. The tighter you wind, the tighter the curl will be. Once you reach the roots, double-knot your cloth strip. When you are done, it should look like this....

These are super comfortable to sleep on, or so Ella reported to me. When kiddo wakes up, unwind the hair from the cloth strips and have her shake her head out. If you want waves, brush the hair out. If not, don't brush. We just fluffed the hair into place and pinned it up, with some (Hello Kitty strawberry glitter) hairspray.

And here it is from the back.

Easy-peasy! Ella's decided that she will wear her hair like this "most of the time." was FREE!!!!
Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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