Wednesday, February 5, 2014

AMAZING NEWS! (and a little challenge for you all)

I would have written this post yesterday, but I was too busy thanking God because


I got the phone call from Dad in the Dollar General parking lot. Yes, I screamed. Yes, I cried. Yes, they all think I'm crazy now. No, I don't care.

After many, many months of chemo and radiation and a transplant and medications and worry and praying, praying, praying:


I realized I never put up pictures of Dad on here. So, here they come. For the record, I am planning a trip back home to job-hunt and house-hunt and many more pictures of Ella and Dad are to come!!!!


Dad and me, Easter of 2010. I look awful and he isn't looking at the camera at all. :)

Dad and Gabe :) My two favorite guys!

LOOK! a smile! a real-honest-to-God smile! Ella loves all of her grandparents, but my Dad is her definite favorite!!!

My Mom took this picture :)
This, in a nutshell, is my amazing father. I love love love him! I'm so glad that God healed him, and I cannot wait to go HOME to see him again!
Now, for the challenge. I found the February Cheer challenge  here, and have been leaving hearts and treats for both Gabe and Ella. Yes, Gabe is 38 and almost-a-half, but I wanted to brighten his February too.
I want everyone who reads my blog, follows it, or even comes across it to do this! It's brought our family closer together and nothing beat this morning when Ella yelled across the house: "MOM! LOOK! I found SUNGLASSES!"
Here are some of the creative places the hearts have popped up.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone!

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