Saturday, November 2, 2013

Whew! What a Week!

Is it bad that I had to "run away" to post this? Currently, I'm sitting down having a salad NOT at home. Gabe is at home with Ella, and I am on a "Mommy Vacation," mostly because this week has wiped me OUT.

Also, Gabe started a new job this week, with more pay and better hours than his old one, so we've been busy adjusting to him having decent hours and a schedule that doesn't make me want to cry (I'm not complaining about that!). I've been working my share, as well as homeschooling and keeping the house in order. (Major fail there. I'm playing catch up tonight!)

Did I mention that Ella and I both came down with a stomach bug after putting in a full day of work/school on Tuesday? Yeah...I prayed that she would be able to go Trick or Treating in town on Thursday, and by Wednesday night, she was bouncing off the walls and generally driving me nuts, which of course was a good sign.

Thursday morning, I put on our makeup (I went as the night sky, because we all know that owls come out at night.) and we got ready to go to Healthy Halloween with my friend Amy and her darling son Nicholas.

We had tons of fun at Healthy Halloween, and after that, I sent Ella off to Grandma's house so I could run a few errands. After that, we hit the town for Treat Street.

After that, we went home and made a Halloween-themed dinner of Ghost Alfredo and Mummy Dogs.

So, in short, we are all pretty exhausted from everything. It's been a wonderful week though :) I'm already starting to think about all the wonderful things we will be doing this month, and cannot wait to see what wonderful things God has planned for us!


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