Monday, November 4, 2013

Gratitude Tree

I saw the idea for this on a few blogs, and decided that in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I needed to give this a try. Because, besides handprint turkeys, how many Thanksgiving crafts do you get to do with your kids?

We started off with a piece of posterboard. I drew a tree on the posterboard, and then cut it out. And yes, I saved the extra pieces of posterboard. Have I mentioned yet how cheap and stingy I am? :)

We put the year on the bottom. Ella drew a long-eared owl, because, what's a tree without an owl?

We stuck the tree up on our living room wall. I had some awesome leaf cutouts that my choir director was going to throw out after a church party. I begged him not to, because I had this project in mind.

I had her write her name at the bottom of a leaf and write one thing she was thankful for. Of course, I made sure I did one too, and Gabe will do a couple tomorrow. We plan to continue this until Thanksgiving and then go through our leaves, one by one, thanking God for all He has given us.

I'll be posting more pictures of our Gratitude Tree as the weeks tick by toward Thanksgiving!

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