Friday, November 29, 2013

He loves me.

God loves me.
While academically, and Biblically, I have known this for the time I've been a Christian, it really hit me yesterday.
People usually eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I prefer ham. This year, money is tight. The economy bites, and while we are by no means destitute, it's a struggle sometimes.
I went out the door yesterday, to head to the grocery store to see if between what money I did have on me and some coupons, I could possibly afford a ham.
I was about halfway to the store when a car pulled up next to me and a lady I have never seen before stuck her head out the window. Maybe she's lost, I thought.
The next thing I know, she is handing me a ham (the EXACT ham I wanted and was hoping to get) and telling me to have a blessed day.
Wait, what?
I barely had time to thank her before she drove away.
When I returned home, I handed the ham to my daughter and relayed the story to her. And then, my 7 year old said something that made me stop in my tracks
"You know, Mom, maybe she was an angel."
Later, after dinner had been eaten and dishes had been washed, I sat down to read a devotional. All about God's love.
How much He loves me.
How much He makes things happen for me.
How He provides for me.
How He answers my prayer.
How He listens.
How he sustains me.
I am His child. He is my Heavenly Father.
As a parent, I understand what it's like to love your child. I love my daughter with a fierce, protective love. I would do anything for her. I would die for that little girl.
That's how he loves us. With a fierce and protective love. He does so much for us, sometimes out of the realm of "possibility." And...He DID die for us.

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