Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why We Did Easter Differently This Year

In the nearly 9 years that I've raised my living daughter, we've had so many egg hunts.

When Ella was 4, she hunted so hard she got tired out....

Last year, we had a Resurrection egg hunt.... year, we even hunted for glow-in-the-dark eggs.

This year, Ella will turn 9. We've been focusing on caring for others, and learning about loving our fellow human beings. Ella knows that the reason we have Easter is not because of eggs and bunnies, but because our Savior made the ultimate sacrifice for us. He gave His life so that we could live. Easter is to celebrate the fact that He triumphed over death.

This year, Ella decided that instead of hunting eggs, she would play Easter Bunny. She willingly gave up her Easter treats so that other kids in the neighborhood could have a nice surprise.

We did a bit of shopping and she loaded eggs with candy and other treats, and then she was on her way.

We almost got busted by one little girl who screamed "THE EASTER BUNNY IS A LITTLE GIRL LIKE ME!!!!"

I had one parent in our neighborhood pull me aside to ask "What's WRONG with you? aren't you doing anything for her easter? What exactly are you teaching this kid?"

For the record, Ella did get an Easter basket. She got candy, bubbles, and some books she's been wanting. And her room got decorated with glow in the dark stars.

As far as what I'm "teaching this kid"....
*I'm trying to teach her to think of others before she thinks of herself.
*I'm trying to teach her that selflessness and sacrifice are important
*I'm trying to teach her about Christian love.

But you know what?
I think this kid's figured all of that out on her own.

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