Monday, April 13, 2015

Meal Plan Monday (Kind of), and Taking the High Road

I hate, hate, hate taking the high road. It's seriously that much easier to talk snark about someone who's done me wrong, or tell them off on the phone/via text.

This, right here, is the first instance where I'm choosing to do neither. Those closest to me know what the situation is. My husband, of course, is furious with the person in question. I'm just tired. I'm tired of thinking people will change, only to see that they never really have.

I have so much going on right now, that the Meal Planning has suffered terribly. I'm not at liberty to post about it just yet, but we're about to undergo some major changes. Good ones :) My next few months will be spent

1) Working on my relationship with Christ
2) Enjoying my family
3) Basking in the major change my little family will be undergoing
4) Repairing a broken relationship that means more to me than I realized
5) Finishing up our homeschool year
6) Planning a trip
7) Taking aforementioned trip, and bonding with my Ella while on said trip
8) Hopefully, not neglecting this little blog
9) Learning to sew better, and maybe even learning more about machine sewing
10) Taking measures to pursue my dream job
11) Trying new recipes
12) Helping my husband to expand his cooking horizons
13) Meeting new people
14) Helping others the best that I can

And my next week will be spent preparing the following meals, in no particular order (I'm letting Ella plan this week)
*Baked chicken and potatoes
*Pita Pizzas
*Drunken Noodles (need to make again because the first time was an amazing success, recipe soon)
*Winter Soup
*Wicked Chicken (recipe also to follow, first time making it)

And some other stuff, I'm sure. It's pretty informal around here this week

Have a blessed week!

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