Friday, April 24, 2015

In the Midst of the Storm

I remember, sometime in 2011, taking a trip to the grocery with Grandma Jean. It was warm out, in the 70's and we went to the bigger of our town's two grocery stores. As we were getting into her car, Grandma said, "You need a sweater. You should take a sweater." I laughed it off because it's the SOUTH, in the summer. Needless to say, we got to the store and the wind picked up. I gratefully accepted Grandma's sweater as well as a warning that this store's parking lot was "the windiest place in Avery County!"

Fast forward nearly 4 years. Things are a bit stormy in my life right now, and a lot of things are further out of my control than I would like. This week has been particularly overwhelming and I found myself silently praying while I ran to the grocery. You know, THAT grocery store...the windiest place in the county.

I got the cat food and few other items and walked out, praying "Lord, help me make some sense of all of this. Lord, just let me know You're here."

And then the wind picked up. I saw it before I felt it, a cloud of silvery dust, and then another. I closed my eyes and just STOOD there. I felt the wind blow my hair around. Felt tiny grains of sand hit the back of my neck.

But you know what? I felt SAFE. I felt loved.

So, friend, when you are in the midst of the storm, remember. He loves you. When things are raging all around you, and the situation feels out of control, HE is in control. And when you open your eyes after all the dust settles, you just might see this....

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