Friday, August 2, 2013

Shopping Trip Post! How we saved 63%!

I've had a lot of people ask me how I can save so much. The answer is, lots of planning and lots of stores., I didn't plan a ton and I only went to one store, whoops! I guess I would just say watch the sales, and keep a whole lotta coupons on your person...just in case :)

Ella and I went to Lowe's Foods, where they blessedly double coupons.
This is my increasingly tomboyish kid, loitering
Some people hate shopping with their children. I am not one of these people. After all, eventually they get old enough to help!

We saw London Broil on sale, buy one get one free. Um, yeah! You better believe I got some of those!

I bought other meat, too. If a meal doesn't have meat in it, Gabe will look at me weird. Unless it's potato soup. Then, we're good. Ella asked for pork chops this week, and we were able to get those. Yay for meat sales! I'd be done for if not for them. We took time to look through our coupons.

I'm going to need to upgrade to one of those huge coupon binders, I can feel it. Blah. In total I think I only used three coupons: a 75 cent one for the string cheese (it doubled to 1.50), a 50 cent one for the yogurt (which was on sale for 50 cents each, and the coupon doubled to 1.00, so I got two yogurts free!), and a 1.00 one for the cereal which was on sale anyway. I also gave away about 3 dollars worth of coupons to different people around the store. Not a lot of people coupon in North Carolina, and I try my best to teach them when I can.
At Lowe's Foods, you get a 5 cent discount for every reusable shopping bag you use. It may not seem like much, but it adds up!

I only brought 62 dollars with me to the store. I bought almost 80 dollars worth of stuff for only 48.76, with a savings of $30.80, which for a shopping trip with almost no previous planning and very little actual couponing is pretty darn good!

This is our haul! Everything from meat to cheese to spaghetti sauce.

And here is Ella with my receipt! All in all, like I said, we didn't plan much and there wasn't a terrible lot of couponing done, but it was still pretty awesome! Happy Couponing!!!!


  1. Awesome job Sis!!!!!! I just <3 when it comes together like that!!!!!!! Today we are going to go get some $0.59/lb Chicken Leg Quarters at Berwyn Fruit Market and I'm coupon clipping and planning a shopping trip for tomorrow :)

  2. You go sissy! p.s going to need a custom blog header for this, I'm not loving what I've got right now.

    1. Okay I'll need some rose pics from Gabe to make ya one ;) <3 ya!

  3. it doesn't have to be roses. it can be random pics of my kid or nature you swipe off my fb LOL