Friday, August 16, 2013

Lessons Learned the Hard Way: On Modesty

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and positively cringed? I sure have. Have you ever looked at a picture and said "Why did I wear that?" Guilty! I was sitting down the other day, going through my pictures and saw a few that I know I won't be thrilled with my daughter looking at.
See that? If you look super close, you will see that I am indeed wearing a top. (see the halter string?) Classy, huh? I swear, that picture makes me cringe. I wish I could say I was 15 or 16 when this was taken. Nope. Not so. 21, going on 22. Argh. There's something to be said for modesty, trust me. I had a guy ask me out once. I turned him down. He said, "Well, I figured you'd be up for a good time. I've seen the way you dress." Ugh!!!!!! I wish I could tell you that I stopped making bad fashion choices when I had children. Um....

Not so much. My daughter here is graciously covering up my way, way, way too low neckline. Are there more horribly embarrassing and cringeworthy pics? You betcha. Am I going to post them? Not on your life, buddy. This may beg the question of: what were you thinking when you wore those particular outfits? I wanted to be attractive. I wanted attention. I didn't know I would get THAT kind of attention. I was raised by a well-meaning mother, who would critique my fashion choices harshly. I don't hold that against her now, but at the time I rebelled. (hence the way too low necklines and cringeworthy nearly-naked tops) This brings us to now....

Yes. That is a skirt. Yes. It reaches my ankles. No. I don't wear ankle-length skirts every day. As a matter of fact, most of the time I'm in jeans and a t-shirt. I've learned a few things. One, long skirts and dressing modestly is not only for crazy, Bible-thumping  Baptists (the fact that I am a crazy, Bible-thumping Baptist means nothing here...hehe). Two, I was born to be curvy and will never apologize for that. God made me this way. BUUUUT...nobody except my husband needs to see THAT much of me. I know the curves are there, he knows they are there, they don't need to be on display for everyone and their brother to see. I still have a shape, I promise.

Yes, I probably weigh more than I did in my pre-kids days. But you know what? I respect me more. My husband respects me more. And you know what else? I have a daughter now. She SO doesn't need to see her Mama running around town in low-riders and a crop top. (Can you imagine? Yikes...) If you can do that, more power to you. That's just not who I am anymore. I've taught my daughter to "dress for Jesus", and have caught tons of backlash for it. In the end, she is my daughter. She's made her choice.

Reading the Bible has everything to do with my choice to "tone it down." God created me to glorify Him, and I can promise you, wearing short-shorts and a bikini top to the grocery store with my kid in tow doesn't glorify my Savior. But that's just my point of view :)

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