Monday, September 19, 2016

30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 8

Ok, Ok. You got me. It's after midnight in the great state of NC. I've had one heck of a day (just busy, nothing bad...) so this is when I have a moment to breathe and post.

As most of you know, Ella donated her hair two years ago, and is set to donate again next October. As it stands, her hair is pretty long right now and we're in need of new hairstyles, stat. Luckily, I found a great bunch of tutorials right here and we're committed to trying them all.

Day 8: The French(ish) Braid
We used: Detangler, a brush, two elastics, some hairspray, and major prayer on my part.
Ella's verdict: "It's so pretty!" Also, we got lots of compliments on this hairstyle today, from friends to total strangers while we ran errands this evening. This did a lot to boost my confidence, as I am a little (ok, a lot) afraid of complicated styles like French Braids.

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