Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

It's my supposed day off (ha!) today, and Ella's working on her lessons. We have SO MUCH to do today it's not even funny (so much for my day off!) I am beginning the dreaded clothes switch from spring/summer to fall/winter (cue dramatic music). I have no idea how I'll ever do it with more than one kid, as this is my least favorite thing about seasons changing and it feels like it takes for-absolutely-ever.

Well, bring on Happy Homemaker Monday :)

On the weather front: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Cool-ish days, cooler nights. I can't remember the last time I've had to turn on the air!

On my bedside table: My kindle, pen and paper

Books I'm reading: I am still struggling through Where Secrets Sleep by Marta Perry. It's the romance I'm telling you. I just can't.
I finished Unseen, and the plot twist was crazy. I loved it!!!

On the news: I am so sad and disappointed in this country. The renaming of Mount McKinley has received more coverage than the killing of yet another police officer. What the HECK is wrong with the United States of America? When I came here in 1992, this country was a very different place and I don't even know how to put into words how deeply saddened I am by the changes taking place.

On the menu this week: LOL. Last week, the train derailed again. Don't ask. It's always something. End of story. This week, ya'll! This week! Keep me accountable!!!!

Monday: Chicken Enchiladas
Tuesday: Zucchini Boats
Wednesday: Spicy Chicken Soup
Thursday: Asian Ribs
Friday: BLT's, because tomatoes are still plentiful
Saturday: Potato Soup
Sunday: 3 Cheese Marinara Pasta

New recipe I want to try: The Zucchini Boats

To-do list: Finish School
                 Pharmacy for eye drops (my eyes are on fire, thanks to the goldenrod)
                  Clean the house
                  Hopefully not scratch my eyes out (did I mention my eyes are burning!?)

In the craft basket: Don't get me started!!!

What I plan on doing for myself this week: Um, redneck wrestling. Watching, not participating. A friend invited me along and um, it sounded too awful to pass up.

Favorite Photo: 

So, um....cough, we're expanding our family by 4 feet. Her name at the Humane Society is Malibu, but we will likely rename her, so I need suggestions. We gravitate toward "S" names  and names of birds (see: Sparrow)

Here's a better picture, for the record.

Lesson Learned: Midnight Madness at Food City really IS midnight MADNESS and there are crazy people driving motorized carts. Yikes.
Also, this country is in massive trouble and we need to be praying. Bigtime.

Devotionals, Scriptures, Key Verses: 

Have a blessed week, everyone! Remember to thank a police officer this week!


  1. Oh my goodness, kitty is beautiful! I love kitties. I was a god person until I married my DH, he was a cat person, and you know, I think I like cats better. ;-)

    I'm waiting on cooler weather to come back and stay so I have an excuse to make soups. Still a bit warm here though.

    Have a great week!

  2. I've always been a kitty person, but hubs has always said "no, I hate cats." (for the record, he's a liar) We rescued our first one a few years ago, and we've just kept adding more to the brood. We are gonna be in trouble when we have more kids! lol

  3. Your kitten is so cute. We have nice weather here too in ohio. Just a little humid somedays but it's all good. A clean house always makes me happy to see. Hope you have a great week.