Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning! Why is it that when I think I'm going to have a quiet, slow week, it turns into exactly the opposite before the week even begins? I guess that's life, and I'm just along for the ride :)
Saturday, Ella and I went on the Farm Tour, like we do every year, and it was loads of fun, but exhausting.

Sunday, we went to Grandma Jean and Grandpa Bruce's, which was lots of fun (and less exhausting.) I am eternally glad for Grandma and Grandpa, because both of our sets of parents are so far away.

That's Ella and Grandpa Bruce on the lawn mower. Yes, she is totally wearing a princess dress. No, I totally don't care. That's what laundry detergent is for ;)

Speaking of parents, I called my parents the other day, and Mom told me that Dad's last appointment with the doctor went great! He is still in remission and his body is recovering from the beating that the cancer put it through.

I recently reconnected with an old friend named Christy, and she is also battling multiple myeloma, the same cancer that Dad had. She recently got married, and wants a long and happy life with her new hubby, so please pray that treatments work and cancer takes a hike!!!

That said, here we go!

On the weather front: Cooler than last week and less humid, too. Hear that? That's just me, in the NC mountains, cheering ;)

What I'm reading: I'm about 15% into Unseen. It's a great book, I've just had zero time to read. Here's to finishing it this week! I'm even less than 15% into Where Secrets Sleep. Also a great book, although there's more romance than I like. Don't get me wrong, I love me some romance, but in real life.

On the news: I don't even know what else to say on the whole Ashley Madison/Josh Duggar scandal. For those of you who don't know, apparently Ashley Madison is a site where married people go to look for other (possibly married) people to have affairs with. (If you're saying "WHATTT?", I did too) My advice for high profile people (or anyone, really): QUIT HAVING AFFAIRS. QUIT TELLING PEOPLE THAT YOUR MARRIAGE IS HAPPY AND AWESOME AND THAT YOU VALUE YOUR MARRIAGE when it isn't and you don't. Ugh. That is all.

On the menu:  Oh, dear. I've gotten so far off track, thank you Farm Tour, and the fifty billion other things I've had to do.
In it to win it this week though!!!
Monday: Chicken Alfredo Casserole
Tuesday: Gone-all-day Beef Stew
Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas
Thursday: Chicken Kebabs, and rice/couscous
Friday: Breakfast for dinner
Saturday: Spicy Chicken Soup
Sunday: Spaghetti

New Recipe I tried or want to try: That spaghetti squash is still sitting in my basket, ya'll.

On my to-do list:
Prep some chicken
Clean the house

In the craft basket:
More headbands.
A skirt.

Looking forward to: Um, is it bad if I say "the weekend" like this one just didn't happen?

What I am doing for myself this week: To be determined. Honestly, I just want to make it through this week with having done everything that needs to be done: work, school, the house, etc.

Favorite Photo: 

I love love love this. Every year, Grandpa Bruce gives Ella a pumpkin. This one is currently at his house, turning more orange. We'll pick it up when it's "ready."

Lesson Learned: Apparently, I look a lot younger than I am. And I should probably enjoy that, even if people give me a hard time about it.

Scriptures, Devotionals, and Key Verses: 

Have a blessed week, everyone!!!


  1. Love the farm photos! Every little girl should farm (at least once) in a princess dress! Sounds like you've already had a full week! Hope the rest of it is great!

  2. Love the lawn mower action - dress and all! Lol
    Prayers sent for your Dad and your friend.
    Yay for cooler weather! Hope it sticks around for you. ;)
    Your menu sound delish! I love the pumpkin pic. How fun and I love that it's this time of year again. Autumn is the best!!
    Have a blessed week Joanna! xoxo

  3. wow, that whole duggar thing is crazy feel sorry for the mama though but I always tell my kids that what they do reflects on me
    come see us at

  4. I REALLY ENJOYED THE DAY ON THE FARM sounds like you have a very busy week! My chicken salad is so easy....i buy canned white meat chicken sort of like tuna in a can..... add a dollop of sweet pickle relish and a dollop of mayonnaise...that was it tonight.... but sometimes t add sme frozen peas in which really cools it down. .Tonight i put the bowl in the freezer about 10 min...I like it chilled.Another way i love it is to add dried cranberries and chopped roasted pecans . I just put a few pecans in a frying pan for just a few mins. They burn quickly. Just when they are toasted i remove them rough chop them add to the chicken salad with the relish and mayo. GOD BLESS!