Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Word of Caution, Friends...

Be careful who you trust with your information. Email addresses, logins, anything.

I've recently experienced something that caused me to have to change my passwords for everything. This is the kind of stuff that compromises your internet security, heck, your security in general, and maybe even your family.

When something seemed off, I followed my gut and checked it out. Sure enough, dumb little things had been done on Facebook. People taken off my block list, etc. Nothing major, but certainly noticeable.

Be careful who you give any kind of information to. If the people aren't your husband/living in your house/someone who is trustworthy beyond any doubt, don't do it. I'm hoping I've prevented any further damage by changing everything, but I really don't know.

Here's the kicker. This person was someone I thought I could trust. Sure, I'd been warned about them by various people here and there, but "I knew better." Turns out I don't know better. Ugggggh.

Here's to being more careful in the future, friends.

Please take these words to heart, and take care of you.


God Bless ya'll, and until next time.

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