Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Randomness

On Wednesday, I posted about feeling "off."

My cat was in labor, and for "some reason", I felt freaked out, which was odd because I had delivered her last 3 litters with no problem. I said that I "couldn't handle the thought of stillborn kittens."

Sparrow's first kitten in that litter was stillborn. We named it Angel.

After a very hard labor, Sparrow gave birth to Blessing, and Faith. They were blessedly born ALIVE!

Ella and I buried Angel in Ella's garden.

After all of the tears had passed for that day, Ella and I decided that Angel is most definitely up in heaven, being taken care of by Riley and Ms. Lora (who absolutely loved cats). We also decided to celebrate that Sparrow made it through labor and that she now has two beautiful kittens to take care of!

The whole experience reminded me of how often we say "I cannot handle this."...I said I could not handle moving to North Carolina. I said I could not handle staying in North Carolina. I said I could not handle my marriage. I said I could not handle my Dad having cancer.

God says I can. He does not heap on me more than He is willing to bring me through.

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