Monday, April 7, 2014

Life change (be prepared for raw honesty here)

I am not happy with the way I look.
Yes, I have a husband who tells me I am beautiful every day.
I saw a picture of myself on Facebook that someone had tagged me in and I thought, "Oh my word, that is not me."

In my married/children/homeschool life, somewhere, I forgot about myself.

No, I am not what people refer to as "fat."

I am bigger than I used to be. That messes with my body image. My body image is more fragile than I realized.

I refuse to "diet." We eat pretty healthy here.

While I do run (a lot), my arms and stomach could use major toning.

I need to feel pretty, even if it means putting on lipgloss and (maybe) eyeshadow more often.

Are you ready for the raw honesty?

this is me. This was taken yesterday. Not where I want to be. So...for the next 30 days, besides my Bible, this plan will be my friend....

I'll update in a few days. I feel like I'm ready to change things as far as my body image/self esteem go! :)


  1. how do you do your squats? All the way down, deep knee bends? I need something else, my arthitis won't let me do that...other wise, I'm game! Let's do this :D

  2. I go all the way down, but you can totally do modified squats. So glad to have someone to keep me accountable!