Monday, July 11, 2016

Where Have I Been?

I've not meant to neglect my little corner of the blog-verse, but life's just been happening at an extra quick pace.

I took my first vacation in 17 (!) years and Ella and I went to visit my Mom and Dad in Wisconsin. We had planned to hit Chicago as well, but my Dad ended up getting sick about 4 days into my 8 day stay, and his health is more important than a visit to Chicago. Besides, we'll be in Chicago next year.

Ella and my parents. The last time they saw each other, Ella was 4...she is now 10!

She had a blast in their pool!

My Mom and I worked on things while I was out there. A lot of people tell me we look alike!

I literally waited SIX YEARS for this picture. My Daddy! He's a hero!

We are terribly unphotogenic, but it's the first parent/kid selfie in forever, I think.

So, I'm back for the moment. Work has been insane, and I THOUGHT today would be my first Monday off in forever (besides my one vacation Monday). Whoops, I was wrong. I'll do better on here, I swear.

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