Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning, friends!
Of course, I work today, and early to boot. So, between this post, and homeschooling and meal planning and a million other things, it's going to be an interesting day for sure! I've been up for ages, making appointments and such.

The weather: It was supposed to be hideous all day, but it's not. It's actually sunny and beautiful!

Right now, I am: Giving myself a motivational pep talk. It's not working ;)

Thinking: Lots of stuff. Hoping and praying that Ella and I don't get the stomach bug that's been floating around. Making an extensive to do list for today. Thinking about what to pack for work today/tonight.

On my TV: Nothing, tonight. Finished Degrassi: TNG yesterday and had myself a good cry at the last episode. Pregnancy hormones at their best. I imagine I'll just crash after work tonight, and maybe find something good to watch sometime later this week.

On the menu for this week:
Monday: TBA
Tuesday: Taco Soup
Wednesday: Chicken Cacciatore
Thursday: Chinese Ribs
Friday:  Hamburger Helper, sorry not sorry
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: TBA 

On my to-do list:
Everything, ever. Mainly work, grocery store, and cleaning the bathrooms. I'm confident that Gabe will cook something for him and Ella at home tonight. I'm going to fix some soup at work.

Looking forward to this week:
Some beautiful weather. Pay day. Maybe taking some Spring-y pictures of Ella.

Looking around the house: Do any of ya'll have THE CHAIR? Where everything congregates? I gotta clear THE CHAIR off today.

From the camera: 

last week, I took Ella out on a lunch date. It's still mind blowing to think that God-willing, this is her last summer as an "only child".

On my prayer list: My parents, who are in Florida this week. My kid brother, as usual. My little family, as we still adjust to this shocking (but wonderful) news. This baby, as this will be my last pregnancy...and I NEED to bring this one home, friends.

Bible Verse, devotional:

Have a beautiful week!!!!


  1. Ha,we have THE chair, THE table, basically any flat surface acts like a magnet around here. Hope you have a healthy and happy week ahead!

  2. Wow!! Beautiful news dear Friend!! Huge prayers that God keep you safe & healthy. Make sure you slow down & take extra gentle care of yourself. Blessings Joanna. Xoxo

  3. Wow…wonderful news!! Blessings on a healthy pregnancy!! Love the pic, such a beautiful name, and beautiful young lady!! Hope you have a great weekend friend!! xxx