Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Happens When I'm Sick

....apparently, a lot of nothing.

I've had a nasty cold this week, and spent most of Monday in bed. Therefore, there was no Meal Planning Monday. Heck, there was no meal planning, and we seriously subsisted on chicken soup and sandwiches for the first half of the week.

I learned a few things too.

*The world doesn't end if I'm sick.

*An extra hour in bed isn't going to kill me or anyone else in the house.

*My husband is more than capable of taking care of the child/house/animals.

*That first meal that you can actually taste is so much better than anything else. ever.

*Tangelos are amazing.

*Husbands who bring you tangelos are even more amazing.

*Oh, and sometimes, while you're not doing anything, God is doing something. My Christmas cactus is still in bloom, and it's beautiful.

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