Monday, January 27, 2014

Some Sad News and the 52 Week Project: 4/52

Our beloved family cat, Sparrow has gone missing. She left our house Friday morning and has not been seen since. We are all pretty heartbroken, but especially Ella. However, my Dad seems to be convinced that Sparrow will return and it is only a matter of time. So, if you can, say a prayer that Sparrow is alive and well and will find her way back home. Thank you all.

Moving on the to 52 Week Project:
Last Monday, we had an unseasonably warm day. I took the entire day off and spent it with Ella, and we ended the day with a mini-bonfire and roasted some sausages.  She was thrilled and dinner was delicious, with minimal effort.

4/52, Sunday: I love her dress. Yep, it's all one piece. We are all about function, not fashion. And no, it's not a real smile. She's upset about Sparrow being missing, but she humored me for the sake of the photoshoot.

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