Thursday, January 9, 2014

Desperation in the Kitchen: Chicken Taquitos

Last week, I found myself craving Mexican-ish food. Unfortunately, I am not in Chicago at the moment, and the pickin's in North Carolina are pretty slim.

Ella and I decided to make taquitos and bake them instead of frying them. Lately, the prospect of frieds foods makes me kind of sick to my stomach.

I improvised this recipe, so bear with me.

Improvised Taquitos:

*one package of chicken tenders
*salt, pepper, garlic powder
*olive oil, for brushing chicken and tortillas
*more olive oil for frying (am I terrible at writing recipes or what?)
*jar of salsa (we used less, but I am a spicy food wuss)
*3 oz of cream cheese

Brush your chicken with olive oil and sprinkle on the spices, so they stick.
Saute your chicken in more olive oil, and cut it up. Try not to eat most of it.

 Throw your yummy chicken (that you resisted and did not eat) into a saucepan with your salsa and your cream cheese. Heat until cream cheese melts. Try not to eat THAT.

Mix everything together. Tell your seven year old not to eat the filling until you're done making the taquitos. Relent and give her some filling anyway.


Spread some filling on the tortillas, roll them up and have your seven year old brush the rolled tortillas with olive oil. Ya know, make her work for the filling she ate. Because you didn't eat any. Right? ;)

Bake at 350 until tortillas are nice and crispy.

Take one last picture of them, and run away in terror as your husband and daughter ravenously devour the taquitos. When there is one left, your husband may ask, "Oh, honey did you want one?" and you may get one. Just one. But they're delicious!

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