Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just a small update on us

It's been busy, busy at our house. But what do you expect when you have a two-working parent, homeschool household?

We've all been busy doing various things. Gabe's been working, I've been working and doing the teacher-mama thing and Ella's been doing her "job." Learning and being the best Christian kid she can be. So, while I have the time, I may as well post something, right?

Ella's been having a blast exploring the woods near our house. She's found pinecones, pretty leaves and all sorts of bugs (ugh...giant praying mantis)

A few weeks ago, we received some garden-fresh cabbages from our neighbor, Mr. Kenneth. We all love stir fry and we all love cabbage in our stir fry. Ella was thoughtful enough to make him a thank-you card.

Other than that, we've tried to pick some fun projects, including leaf preserving with mod-podge and wax paper and we've gone exploring a lot. Have to get that in while the weather lets us. Below-freezing temperatures and North Carolina snowstorms don't exactly make walking and exploring easy.

Even though he is making a goofy face, I adore this guy. And this kid. :) This is just a glimpse of what's been going on with us. My goal is to have more to write other than "we've been busy," although that's the truth.

We painted a room at the county group home and had a great time. Ended up covered in pink paint and Ella's made some friends there. She's also told me in the last week that she wants to be a Bible Hero when she grows up.

Long story short, I am one lucky, lucky, blessed, blessed lady.

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